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April 15, 2019
Welcome to Femship by The Witch's Market.  Here you will receive a quarterly dose of all things magickal and can expect to receive information before…
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Femship by The Witch's Market School of Mystic Ways

$52 / year
Subscribe to our FEMSHIP quarterly offerings and receive workings with magickal content including spells, moon magick, meditations, rituals, ancestral work, videos and more to help you jive and flow, heal, create and manifest with the spiral dance of the yearly wheel and through the FEMSHIP you will also gain access to be able to view the other offering by the Witch's Market's School of Mystic Ways.  For only $13 a quarter, paid as a yearly fee you can have all of that!  Keep your eyes out for our FEMSHIP KIT as well, a Witch's Market magical box full of ALL OF THE THINGS that we think could complement the workings from the quarterly offerings.  Much love, The Witch's Market.  
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