The Mourning Moon of November

October Moon of Blood

September Harvest Moon

The Grain Mother Moon of August

The Primal Thunder Moon of July

The Strawberry Rose Moon of June

A pleasure forward ritual to taste the sweet juices of summer and send our pleased energy out for manifestation.

Moon Magic of the Flower Moon of May

Moon Magic of The Hunter/Huntress Pink Moon April

How to Call a Circle

Journey to the Magdalene

Ritual of the Seven Veils

Dance, move and breathe your way through this guided ritual as we work towards liberating our sensual wild freedom.

Anxiety Releaser Meditation

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An Ancestral Healing Ritual

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Femship by the Witch's Market

Welcome to Femship by The Witch's Market. Here you will receive a quarterly dose of all things magical and can expect to receive information before the quarter festivals (the solstices and equinoxes) which fall on approximately December 21st, March 20th, June 21st, and September 22nd. We will be including all kinds of materials from written material to audio/video files that will contain magical workings that stem from Tara's teaching experience and will be a blend of moon magic, seasonal magic, ancestral work, healing work, meditations, rituals, yogic movement, witchy stuff and more. We look forward to sharing this wisdom with you.

Mystical Ways

Here we honor the dreamers, weavers, gypsies and the magickal souls alike so make yourself a cup of tea, burn a drippy candle, play your favorite tunes and stay for a spell because we are full of magickal workings, rituals, witchy things, memberships, meditations, classes, ancestral work, healings, and much more.
Witch's Market